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The Host Headcanon (and other Ipliers)
The Host Headcanon (and how I see Darkiplier, Googleplier, Wilford Warfstache and Dr. Iplier)
Alright! I saw many people wirting down their Headcanon in regards to the Host, so I will put my own here as well.
But first I will write down how I see the other Ipliers, such as Darkiplier, Googleplier, Wilford Warfstache and Dr. Iplier.

I will begin with Darkiplier, because he’s the one that gets all the attention anyway. Not only from fans, but also from the other Ipliers. During Markiplier TV you can see him sit at the end of the table, seemingly calm without speaking or saying anything. The only thing that happens is him glitching out, screaming in rage. As Mark once explained, Darkiplier gllitching out doesn’t mean that Mark wants out, those glitches are what Dark truly is. Pure hate and emotional outburst. So he’s pissed, he only wants to come across as calm to keep control. Because we all know how much Darkip
:iconmyriellachance:MyrielLachance 15 21
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MyrielLachance's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I am Myriel, the mother of demons - but don't fear me. I am a caring and protective person and don't want to start a fight (because you don't want to fight me, believe me).
I will share my thoughts, my art and my projects with you, dear human community and I hope we will be friendly and decent to each other. Please, don't start fights or else I will be very mad (and as I said before, you don't want to make me mad).

Please be patient with me, for I am not very familiar with the technologies of your species.
With that being said:

Welcome to my Profile!
I am Undertale-Trash and I like to draw and write small stories.
At the moment I'm in total love with my Babies Mya and Kaos - and my Master Magician who suffers from a heart condition.
Thanks to Markiplier I'm also a big fan of The Host and I can't get enough of that pretty man!
I'm currently training myself to draw digital as well, but I'm more comfortable with traditional drawings and I'm attending a drawing workshop to get even better.

Have any questions? Ask me - I'm open for anything, especially for fantastic and crazy ideas - because I'm pretty crazy.


You can also find me on Tumblr now, even though I might not be as active there as I am here.

First off: Thank you guys so much for 100+ Watchers! This means so much to me!

Even though I'm a little bit overwhelmed right now

So for this occassion I am doing a contest!

There are two themes for which you can submit an entry:

Draw my OC!
-Chose one or more of my OC's and draw them.
-There are only a few rules, though
-The entry has to be positive!
-No gore, excessive violence or nudity!
-And it has to fit my OC! So you'll need to know them somewhat to submit an entry!

Meet my OC!
-What would happen if one of your OC's meets one of mine?
-Same rule: draw something positive!

Your entry can be either a drawing or a written story!
I won't only be judging in terms of artistic talent but more on the impact your entry has!
Be creative, know my OC's to find the perfect theme!

And now to my OCs':

Kaos Reference Sheet by MyrielLachance Kaos, an Undertale OC. Body guard of the King and has a heart of gold.
Mya Reference Sheet by MyrielLachance Mya, Kaos' best friend and as well Undertale OC. Precious girl who loves to eat.
My Magician by MyrielLachanceMerlin, my Master Magician. Attention seeker with a weak heart.
Myriel Reference Sheet by MyrielLachanceMyriel - my persona and Mother of Demons. Caring and mysterious.
Kael Thelas Reference Sheet by MyrielLachanceThelas - antisocial bounty hunter with his trusty mechanical owl Gadget.

You HAVE to be a watcher of mine to take part in this contest

(new watchers are welcome - but I don't force anyone to do so)

You can share this contest on your journal, polls, etc. or tag other people

(but again, I don't force anyone)


(deadline will be extented if wished to)

Now to the prices!

There are three places!

1st place price:
-1 fully colored drawing of a fullbody character and scenery of choice, either digital or traditional
(know that I'm not that good at digital art!)

2nd place price:
-1 fully colored drawing with a waist-up character and scenery of choice, either digital or traditional
(again, digital might be not as good)

3rd place price:
-1 fully colored headshot of character and scenery of choice, either digital or traditional
(again, traditional MIGHT be the better choice)

Price donations would be appreciated.

(this is my first contest I ever hosted so if there's anything missing or you have questions, feel free to ask or comment!)

Tag me in your entry or write comment down below so I'll see it.
  • Listening to: Markiplrrrrrr
  • Reading: my mind
  • Watching: My Monitor
  • Playing: The Keyboard
  • Eating: Cornflakes!
  • Drinking: Sprite


I'm curious - You guys know some of my main OC's until now (Kaos, Mya, Myriel, Kael Thelas and Merlin) and now I had this question in my head.
What do you guys think about my OC's? Do you have headcanons for them? If yes: I would love to read some of your ideas or thoughts what or how my precious children are for you *w*
Just saved a baby lizard from freezing and probably drowning. It sat in a bucked with water, just enough to keep its little head over water, and couldn't get out. It didn't even try to run away when I grabbed it. I had it on my hand for about 30 minutes and let it warm up a little bit and even stood at the sun with that little precious thing for more warmth. It became more and more active and even lifted its little head until it was fit enough to run away into our garden.
OwO Really?! I just hit 100 watchers! I'mma prepare something you guys hopefully will like :D
Wanna know how my brain works?

Everytime I see

I read F*ck you.
*slowly creeps out of dark corner*
I have a question. And I don't mean it offensive.
But ... about those Fidget Spinners.
How many people out there have one?
And how many of you NEED one?
I know that those things are good for people with ADHD, etc. but I don't get the hype about it.

It's just like that trend way back with glasses. Even those people who had good eyes wanted glasses to look hip. I felt ugly with my glasses and I NEED them.

What's the next trend? Crutches? Will everyone walk around with bright colored crutches because they look cool, even though they don't need it?

I really don't get it why everyone needs a Fidget Spinner like it's some sort of accessory that makes you cool.
And I just love how socitey can turn a needful thing (that is meant for people with disorders and mental issues) into a friggin' trend.

Just like tattooing freckles. There are people that got bullied because of it and now there are those people who tattoo them on their face permanently?

I ... I just don't get society.


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:heart: :hug:
MyrielLachance Featured By Owner 23 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I ... really don't know why I responded with "You're welcome ^w^" to that x'D
Hope you're feeling alright today.
SunshineBurnsz Featured By Owner 12 hours ago
Last time I had way too much to drink... I tend to blackout, turn into an asshole and lash out at anyone, I don't remember anything until the next day when I read comments and see the stupid things I've said and done :ashamed: I know it's not good and I owe you a very large apology.

I'am so very sorry :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose:

I do respect you and consider you to be one of my closer watcher's/friends here at DA. Thank you for being so kind, patient and polite... even when I was being an ass you kept your cool... I very much respect that and I would'nt have blamed you if you had never commented again or even bloked me after my attitude and behaviour.

It made me happy that you replied and again I apologise.
MyrielLachance Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I understand, don't worry.

I think I know how you are normally so I didn't let it get to me. But I would sugarcoat it if I'd say that I didn't bother me back then or that I didn't take it personally. I could have reacted way different and I was close to do so, but I knew better and tried my best to keeping my cool. Of course I cold've ignored you, but I'm not that person to avoid conflict like that.
I'm glad that you're feeling better now and that you see what you did may be hard but it's just the truth. I just hope it won't happen again, because I know that you're better than that.

And of course I will accept your apology, even if you didn't ask for it. Apologizing after such an event must be difficult so I'm glad that you're standing up for what you did. We all do mistakes from time to time and we do stupid stuff, but apologizing afterwards shows how strong we truly are.

Thank you for your comment and your apology. It means a lot.
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MyrielLachance Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome ^w^
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You're welcome :D There's really no need to thank me, though ;P
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Congratulations for the contest
MyrielLachance Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much ^w^
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